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Some people apparently find their way to New York, Washington, and other cities without being told that even halfway adequate taxi service, in big cities, normally calls for a tip. On the other hand, a reporter claimed to find reports, under the Freedom of Information Act, that a few New Yorkers...possibly want to make up all at once for all the tips they failed to give deserving drivers? One passenger gave the driver a tip of more than $800 on a $56 fare; another one gave the driver an even $1000. The reporter found no evidence that any New York taxi driver has ever turned down any tip, however outrageous.
As a driver, I try not to get involved in familial disputes. Sadly, I'm recruited one way or another. I was called to go to a residence and tow away a car. The car looked to be in decent shape. The two people telling me to do this were clearly parents. Given the stuff that was in the car, this was clearly a very young person's car. I figured that some kid's parents were having the car towed away before the kid noticed. They basically wanted it to happen under the cover of darkness as quickly as possible. They paid.
A soldier was sent to Vietnam on a mission. He was on a patrol boat, just talking to one of his fellow soldiers on the boat, when the soldier bent down to pick something up, and looked back up; half of his fellow soldiers were missing, they were go for touring with booty. The scenario was like something out of a movie. His friend’s legs were just standing there with no torso. The situation was worst of all in the mission though the soldier has a couple of others.
My husband likes to have a massage at the same spa of nuru once every week, one day I decided to surprise him and asked the manager to let me go in after the masseuse has started. So after 10 minutes into his massage I was directed to go down the corridor and enter the second room on the right. I got into the room and it was dimly lit. I started to massage him for quite a while then I tried to get sensual only to hear the voice of a different man. I have never told my husband about this.
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